Book Purchase Recommendation

Is there a book or other item you think should be in the Library's collections? If so, please list your suggestion below (one suggestion per form). Staff at the State Library will review materials suggested to see if they are available and relevant to our to the collections.

Please provide as much of the information listed below as possible:

ISBN, ISSN or other
standard ordering number (if known):
Why should the New York State Library
purchase this material?
If you work for a NYS government agency,
indicate which one:

If you would like to know whether the Library decided to purchase the item or not, please provide your name and an e-mail address or phone number below. If you would like to have the item placed on hold for you, if purchased, please provide your NYSL Borrower's Card number as well.

Phone Number: area code phone number extension
E-Mail Address:
NYSL Borrower's Card Number:
Not needed after:


Last Updated: May 21, 2009