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Cultural Education

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2013 Annual Report Data

Organization's Name
1. Did your organization experience any significant changes in the past year?
Yes No
If yes, please explain.
2. Please provide your total attendance for the past year.
3. Did you serve K-12 classes during the past year?
Yes No
If you answered "Yes", please provide the total number of students served.
4. Provide your annual budget (expenditures) for the past year or last fiscal year:
Did you file with the IRS?
Yes No
5. Did you deaccession any collection item (s) this year?
Yes No Not Applicable
If yes, justification for deaccessioning:
If yes, what was the total value of the proceeds?
6. Please provide an updated e-mail address.
7. ID number
8. Name of Preparer

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Last Updated: March 25, 2014