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2014 Biennial Review of Shared Decision Making

Section 100.11 of Commissioner’s Regulations requires school districts and BOCES to biennially review their school-based planning and shared decision making plans and to keep the results of the review on file and available for review. Regulations also require districts and BOCES to submit information about the review to the State Education Department.

Following your board of education's endorsement of the biennial review, please complete this form and click on the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page.

Part 1. District/BOCES Information Sheet
School District or BOCES Name:
Contact Information
Telephone (999.999.9999):
E-Mail Address:
Were Endorsements Received From:
Yes No
Yes No
School-Related Parent Organizations?
Yes No
Part 2. Statement of Success: Required Components

Boards of education, in collaboration with district planning committees, must submit a statement of success of the district plan in achieving its objectives.  Part 2 provides an opportunity to collectively reflect on the required components of the plan.

For each of the six component areas shown below, check the box for the rating which most closely reflects the agreement of the board of education and the district committee regarding the overall level of implementation for that component of the plan by the Building Teams.

Not Addressed or Not Implemented Inconsistent Implementation and Success Minimal Implementation and Success Moderate Implementation and Success Consistent Implementation and Success
Educational Issues Subject to Shared Decision Making
Involvement of All Parties
Means and Standards Used to Evaluate Improvement of Student Achievement
Accountability for Decisions
Dispute Resolution Process
Coordination of State and Federal Requirements for Parental Involvement
Statement of Assurances
By submitting this form to the State Education Department, the President of the Board of Education of this School District or BOCES assures that the district’s (or BOCES’) plan for the participation of teachers and parents with administrators and school board members in school-based planning and shared decision making was amended and has been placed on file at the district office with amendments underlined.
Electronic submission affirms that the board of education reviewed the district plan previously adopted and submitted to the Commissioner for approval. The amended plan was adopted at a public meeting, after consultations with and full participation by the district committee convened for the purpose of the biennial review as required by CR 100.1(b), (d), and (f), and after seeking the endorsement of the following representatives of the committee:
  • the superintendent of schools (or BOCES district superintendent);
  • administrators selected, where represented, by the administrators’ collective bargaining organization;
  • teachers selected by the teachers’ collective bargaining organization; and,
  • parents (not employed by the district or a collective bargaining organization representing teachers or administrators in the district [or BOCES] selected by a school-related parent organization(s) or, where no such organization(s) exists, by their peers under a process developed by the board of education.)
The amended plan incorporates all of the components listed in CR 100.11(c). As required by CR 100.11(f) the statement of success reflects the 6 required parts of the plan and the planning success indicators. The amended plan has been made available to the public, and has been filed with the local or BOCES District Superintendent.

Last Updated: February 28, 2014