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Title V, Part A - Innovative Programs

The U.S. Department of Education has requested that the State Education Department provide information regarding 2007-2008 local educational agency (LEA) activities funded by NCLB Title V, Part A - Innovative Programs.  Please complete the very brief form below and submit it to the Department by February 15, 2009.

If you have any questions about this information request or have problems submitting the information electronically, please contact the Department at emscprofdev@mail.nysed.gov.  General questions about Title V, Part A - Innovative Programs should be directed to the Department's Planning and Professional Development office at (518) 473-7155.

Contact Name:
Contact E-mail:

This request for data is specifically in regard to the use of Title V, Part A funds, and funds transferred from other programs into Title V, Part A, to support the U.S. Department of Education's four Strategic Priorities:

  1. Support student achievement in reading and math;
  2. Improve the quality of teaching;
  3. Ensure safe and drug free schools; and
  4. Promote access for all students to a quality education.
A. Please enter the amount of your LEA's Title V, Part A allocation, plus any carryover, that you used in 2007-2008. This amount should equal the amount shown on your Final FS-10-F Budget. $
B. Please enter the amount of any funds transferred in 2007-2008 from other programs into Title V, Part A under the transferability provision of NCLB. $
C. Total of A and B above. $
D. Please enter the total amount of (C) above that you used in 2007-2008 to support the four Strategic Priorities. $