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602 Report to the Legislature for 2016-2017

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Charges by BOCES for 2016-2017 School Year
A. Career and Technical Education (100-199)
per Pupil
Report the number of pupils and the annual tuition charged per pupil for general career and technical education (exclude adults).

B. Special Education (200-299)
Report the computed annual tuition excluding related services (speech, audiology, psychological services, OT, PT, counseling, medication services, parent counseling and training, school health services, school social worker, and one-to-one aides) which may have been included in the annual tuition rate charged to districts which contracted for these programs. If there were multiple rates within an option, calculate an average tuition.  Please report the actual number of students who received special education services.  Do not use multi-year average enrollment or any other configuration.
per Pupil
1.  CO-SER 4220 - Staffing Ratio (1:12:1)

2.  CO-SER 4230 - Staffing Ratio (1:6:1)

3.  CO-SER 4235 - Staffing Ratio (1:8:1)

4.  CO-SER 4240 - Staffing Ratio (1:12:3)

C. Selected Related Services
Indicate the hourly rate charged to districts contracting for these services. It may be necessary to compute this rate, since sessions may not be one hour in length and charges for some services may have been included in the tuition rate for one of the special class options.
1.  Speech Pathology

2.  Psychological Services

3.  Physical Theraphy

4.  Occupational Theraphy

5.  Counseling Services (Including Rehabilitation)

6.  One-to-one Aide

D. General Education - Alternative Education (5873-5878)
If BOCES operated both 5873 and 5878, combine the pupils and expenditure to report total pupils and a single tuition. If 5873 only or 5878 only is operated, report on the single CO-SER. Teen pregnancy 5872 should not be included. Report full-day programs only. If BOCES operated a less than full day program under 5873, do not report the program.

E. General Education - Distance Learning (5877)
Determine the number of districts participating by totaling the number online as of September 13, 2015. Calculate the cost per course using the methodology from the Statewide Cost Report (Final expenditure less other revenues -after refunds-divided by the total number of courses. One course = approximately 180 days of instructions for a 40 to 55 minute period.)

F. Non-Instructional - Substitute Coordination (7140)
Calculate the cost on the basis of per district staff served (as in the Uniform Cost Report). 
# of Staff
per Staff

G. Itinerant Services (300-399)
Indicate the charge for one annual full-time equivalent employee in each service area. In determining the pooled cost for one FTE, include all expenses such as supplies, equipment, travel, staff development, etc.
FTE Charge*
1. School Psychologist (6810/6811 combined)
2. Teacher of Speech Impaired (4650)
3. Teacher of Visually Impaired (4620)
4. Occupational Therapist (6717)
5. Physical Therapist (6716)

H. Charges to Components (2250)
Enter from Form SA-111, the A2250 revenues from component school districts.
1.  Revenues for Administration (CO-SER 001)
2.  Revenues for Facilities (Capital) (CO-SER 002)

*Subtract any refunds/surplus before calculating.

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If you have any questions, please contact Althea Johnson in the Office of Educational Management Services at althea.johnson@nysed.gov or (518) 486-2201.

Last Updated: April 27, 2017